• Dhs. 575.00

The QUOVIO 41 is a quick-action top access shoulder bag made to handle the challenges of carrying and working while on the move. Whether slung on your shoulder or across your chest, the full opening top flap rips open in split seconds using a one-hand one-handle pulling system. This ensures that even without taking the bag off the content within is not compromised and it allows you to easily access your gear for immediate grab-and-shoot video or stills.

At Vanguard we know that a great bag is one you can use for a variety of gear set-ups and adapt to your changing professional working scenarios, so the QUOVIO 41s well-padded internal compartment sports versatile dividers, pouches and wallets that can be adjusted to fit three different gear/working set-ups:

1. Video shooting with an HD Camcorder such as the Canon XF305/SONY NX5 or similarly sized models, along with related accessories: microphone, audio recorder, headset, filters, cables, batteries, chargers etc. 2. Video shooting with an HDSLR with a couple of additional lenses, microphone, audio recorder, headset, filters, cables, batteries, chargers etc. 3. Stills shooting with 1-2 Pro DSLR along with 5-6 lenses (up to 70-200mm f/2.8), a flash and a multitude of accessories: cables, batteries, chargers etc.

The organized storage system will facilitate an efficient workflow: separately padded full length compartment will fit a tablet, a 14 wide screen laptop or even a small LED light panel. Large external front and side pockets will store all you need close at hand, while inside you will find two mesh pouches to neatly store cables, headsets and other gear and a memory card wallet. Dual, built-in tripod holders give you even more options. When shooting video, strap your heavy-duty tripod to the top of the bag for more stable transportation; when shooting stills, attach your tripod to the front of the bag and continue to make use of the quick-action top opening. All-encompassing protection features begin with our second-to-none quality, materials and bag construction, are reinforced by durable water resistant material along the bottom with anti-shock elevation feet, and finally are always ready for any eventuality, staying dry with our total coverage rain cover.

The QUOVIO 41 shoulder bag carrying mode is enhanced by a well-padded anti-slip shoulder strap. When quick grab-and-run is required the sturdy handle comes in handy. Two side handles facilitate easy conveyance when going up stairs or loading/unloading the car. Other comfortable carrying modes can be utilized with an addition of a simple ICS back harness (sold separately), or the connection to the handle of your wheel-along luggage.

The QUOVIO 41 is a quick-action top access shoulder bag designed for three gear kit options alongside a 14 laptop and a tripod: 1. HD Camcorder like Canon XF305/SONY NX5 and similarly sized models with related video accessories. 2. HDSLR video set-up with related video shooting accessories. 3. 1-2 Pro DSLRs with 5-6 lenses (up to 70-200mm f/2.8), a flash and accessories.

  • Quick-action - top access in split seconds
  • One-hand one-handle - pull to open system
  • Versatile carrying - well-padded, anti-slip shoulder strap + ICS back harness (sold separately)
  • Ease of transport - connects to the handle of your wheel-along luggage
  • Always protected - removable compartments, dividers and pouches
  • Well organized - dedicated pockets, pouches and wallets for all essentials
  • Business oriented - holds up to a 14 laptop
  • Stay steady - dual optimal balance tripod carrying systems
  • Clean and dry - water resistant material and anti-shock elevation feet on the bottom
  • Keep dry - total coverage rain cover