JINBEI EM 40x180cm Softbox

JINBEI EM 40x180cm Softbox

  • Dhs. 380.00

This 40x180 CM Jinbei Strip Box is designed to offer the ultimate in soft light with consistent edge-to-edge coverage. No hot spots

The long, narrow shape of these softboxes is ideal for a wide variety of subjects. 
The small to medium boxes are perfect for product work or for use as a hair light, fill light or edge light. 
Nothing puts a long thin highlight on glassware like a strip box. Fashion photographers sometimes mount 3 of these boxes in a triangular configuration and shoot through the middle like a giant ringlight. 
The larger strips are great for large product work like cars or to edge light a model in fashion or boudoir photography.

This softbox features a 35 degree grid that is held on by velcro to the front of this softbox. This grid will help you make your light more directional,

Package included:
1x 40x180 soft box
1x outer diffuser
1x inner diffuser
1x front grid
1x Bowens S Speed Ring