JINBEI EM 150 Softbox

  • Dhs. 300.00

For ordinary softbox the light will scatter to all directions when it lights on the surface of the softbox. However, the edge of this Jinbei EM series softbox is widened, guiding light directionally. It makes the light go directly along the edge rather than scattering when the light arrives at the softbox cloth surface. If grillings are installed, light are more likely to focus, so that photographers can better control the light for ideal effect.

Octangle Softbox with 150cm Diameter
Octangle softbox provides great and proper irradiation range, performs super capacity of light controlling and shows strong dimensional effect. It is widely used in professional photography.

1. The softbox with standard color temperature provides soft and even light.
2. Metal base plate and high-strength metal stay bar, very solid and durable, easy installation.
3. Standard 3-hand  Bayonet can be universally applied to all kinds of Jinbei series lamps.
4. The box cloth is made of advanced orange-peel style reflective materil for even reflection.
5. Softbox cloth is double-layer design to better adjust the light quality.

Diameter: 150cm
Weight: 2.6kg