JINBEI BD60 Foldable Beauty Dish

  • Dhs. 280.00

You are watching on a Jinbei professional , high quality 60cm Folding Beauty Dish. It is collapsible, transportable, lightweight Beauty Dish. You can take it anywhere. The Jinbei BD60 cm Folding Beauty Dish creates stunning soft light with round catch lights.  A Center Bounce Disc reflects the “raw” light from your light source into the soft silver reflector.  As a result, you are able to light people perfectly, and achieve a round catchlight in their eyes.

And it’s convertible!  Transform it into an Octagonal Soft Box by adding the supplied Front Diffuser Screen.  It creates a 60cm Octagonal Soft Box that’s highly portable.  And it becomes a folding location 60cm reflector for a studio bare tube flash head when center disc and front screen are not used.

The Jinbei 60 cm Folding Beauty Dish Fits Jinbei changeable system and also compatible for Bowens mount for studio strobes and.with an optional accessory Jinbei ET-1 or ET-3 Hot Shoe Flash Holder Adapter you will able to use your hot shoe flash / speedlight unit with this Folding Beauty Dish