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Foldio is the world's first portable studio with a foldable design. Anyone can take high-quality pictures with even just a smartphone using this simple setup! The magnetic structure is easy to assemble, fold back up, store and carry.
Begun as a Kickstarter campaign, OrangeMonkie believed that it is possible  to show that photography is no longer difficult for non-professionals and went on to create an environment in which everyone can easily take high-quality pictures with a smartphone.

Foldable & Portable
Great design makes for great use. Foldio is designed as a simple foldable magnetic structure which allows everyone to set up the studio quickly and easily. A handle makes Foldio conveniently portable.

Find Out What Foldio Can Do For You
Choose from four different backdrops including White, Gray, Black or Green, or use your own background. Great for taking product shots for your online store!
Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures, opening a new level of possibilities in smartphone photography.

Powerful LED Strip With A Built-in Dimmer
The Foldio LED light strip is much more efficient than most LED strips you may be accustomed to. A built-in dimmer device will help you control the brightness according to your needs.

With A Diffuser
Using the Foldio Diffuser helps you decrease the object's shadow to enhance you're photograph's quality. It can also decrease the reflection of the studio light.

Without A Diffuser
Foldio's basic LED strip has high brightness LED chips designed especially for the Foldio.

Get The App
The Foldio App features a Chroma Key function, brightness adjustment, and a simple way to alter colour temperature.
What's in the Box:

  • Portable studio body with a handle
  • Dual LED light strips with Dimmers
  • White pouch
  • 4 backdrops (White, Grey, Black, Green)
  • Backdrop holder
  • Instructions
  • International Adapter kit (US, UK, AU, EU)
  • Adapter kit pouch